Join Nexyl - Defend the Digital Frontier

At Nexyl, we're on a mission to safeguard the digital realm. We're on the lookout for individuals who can help us to enhance our offerings and deliver top-tier cybersecurity solutions to our clients. Join us and step into a world of challenges and opportunities that will push your boundaries and help you achieve your career goals.

Current Openings

Cybersecurity Analyst

As a Cybersecurity Analyst at Nexyl, you will play a pivotal role in proactively monitoring our networks for potential security threats. You will be instrumental in developing and implementing effective security standards and practices for our organization, and advocating security enhancements to our senior management.

Network Engineer

As a Network Engineer at Nexyl, your role would be crucial in designing, implementing, and maintaining networking and data communication systems, including local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), and other data communications networks. You would contribute significantly to the efficiency and seamless operation of our digital environments.

Security Architect

As a Security Architect, you will design, build and oversee the implementation of network and computer security for our organization. Your role will be pivotal in maintaining the security integrity of our networks, ensuring that Nexyl continues to offer secure, reliable services to our clients.