Frequently Asked Questions

How does the AI Vulnerability Scanner work?

Our scanner utilizes advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to identify vulnerabilities on your website. It learns from new threats on the web, quickly spotting brand new 0-day exploits.

Is the scanner real-time?

Yes, our system monitors your website 24/7, providing immediate alerts about any security risks, ensuring you can react swiftly to potential threats.

Is there a limit to the number of sites I can scan?

Our basic plan includes scanning for one site. If you need more, you can choose one of our premium plans which offer scanning for more sites.

Does your scanner detect all types of vulnerabilities?

Our scanner is designed to detect a wide range of vulnerabilities, including but not limited to, XSS, SQL Injection, and CSRF. However, no scanner can guarantee 100% detection. Regular manual security audits are also recommended.

Can Nexyl Guard help with remediating the detected vulnerabilities?

While Nexyl Guard is primarily a detection tool, our reports do include recommended steps for remediation. For complicated issues, you may need to consult with a cybersecurity professional.

How often should I scan my website?

We recommend regularly scheduled scans, such as weekly or monthly, to ensure ongoing protection. However, you should also perform a scan after any significant changes to your site.

What types of websites can Nexyl Guard scan?

Nexyl Guard can scan any publicly accessible website. It is compatible with a variety of website platforms and technologies.